CM100 paper cup forming machine

Short Description:

CM100 is designed to produce paper cups with stable production speed 120-150pcs/min. It’s working from paper blank pile, bottom punching work from the paper roll, with both hot air heater and ultrasonic system for side sealing.

Product Detail

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Specification of Machine

Specification CM100
Standard Machine Configuration Extended magazine for auto paper blank feeding

Finished cup counting and nesting table

One set of forming mold for one cup size

OptionalEquipment In-line cup inspection system
Paper cup size of manufacture 2oz ~ 32oz
Production speed 120-150 pcs/min
Side sealing method Leisterhot air heating & ultrasonic
Bottom sealing method Leisterhot air heating
Rated power 21KW
Air consumption (at 6kg/cm2) 0.4 m³/min
Overall Dimension L2,820mm x W1,300mm x H1,850mm
Machine net weight 4,200 kg

Finished Product Range

★ Top Diameter: 45 - 105mm
★ Bottom Diameter: 35 - 78mm
★ Total Height: maximum 137mm 
★ Other sizes upon request

Available paper

Single PE / PLA, Double PE / PLA, PE / Aluminum or water-based barrier coated paper board

Competitive Advantage

❋ The mechanical transmission is mainly by gears to two longitudinal shafts. The main motor’s output is from both sides of motor shaft, therefore the force transmission is balance.
❋ Transmission structure is reasonable, simplicity and effective, leaves enough room for repair and maintenance.
❋ The open type indexing gear (turret 10 : turret 8 arrangement to make all function more reasonable). We choose IKO (CF20) heavy load pin roller bearing for indexing gear cam follower, oil and air pressure gauges, digital transmitters are use (Japan Panasonic).

❋ The feed table is a double deck design to prevent paper dust go into the main frame. Table is designed with reasonable width, which is more convenient for maintenance.
❋ The second turret equipped with 8 working stations. So additional functions such as third rim rolling station (for better rim rolling) or grooving station can be realized.
❋ Folding wings、knurling wheel and brim rolling stations are adjustable above main table, no adjustment needed inside the main frame so that the work is much easier and time saving.

❋ Electric control cabinet: The whole machine is controlled by PLC, we choose Japan Mitsubishi high-end product. All motors are independent controlled by frequency invertors, these can adapt wider range of paper character.
❋ Heaters are using Leister, which is well-known brand made in Swiss, ultrasonic for side seam supplemental.
❋ Paper low level or paper missing and paper-jam etc., all these faults will display precisely in touch panel alarm window.

Machine Working Steps

Paper blanks feeding → side-seam heating → folding & sealing → cup sleeve transfer → bottom forming & inserting → male mandrel → bottom heating1 → bottom heating 2 → bottom oiling → bottom curling → bottom knurling → semi-product transfer → cup rim oiling → rim curling 1 → cup rim curling 2 → discharge to counting & piling



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